God's Hospital...The Church
Almost everyone I know has spent some time in a hospital and for a variety of problems.  Once we have been diagnosed with something, we agree to be admitted to the care of that institution.  There are doctors, nurses, medications, and health equipment to aid our needs.  And even though it greatly affects our routine and our lives, we want it fixed. ... read all »
Warning: Satan Is After Your Kids!
Honest, he not only wants you, but he is going after your kids!! Satan's "native language" is the lie - for he is "the father of lies" (John 8:44  NIV)        Consider the lies he's telling your children: 1.   "It's Ok to 'Do your own thing!'"   Collins English Dictionary says,  "If you do your own th... read all »
I Am Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
On a cool, morning recently, I awoke to the sound of my own breathing.  Not snoring (although that has also happened before), this was the normal rhythmic sound of air entering and exiting my lungs.  As I lay there wrapped cozily in my blanket and with my eyes closed, I couldn’t help but think of David’s words in Ps 139:14… I will praise You,... read all »
"Someone defiantly will pay for your sins. Will it be you or will it be Jesus." This was the sign I happened on while surfing the internet.  I thought to myself how powerful the message conveyed in such a short sentence.  For those of us who have believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior and have responded, the words are not anything we didn't already know.&... read all »
An Open Letter to Our Church of Christ Graduating Seniors
Ladies and Gentlemen, CONGRATULATIONS on completing your childhood!  You are now ready to cross that threshold of adulthood called "Independence".  You now will be in charge of your life, right?  You will no longer have to be under someone else's thumb.  You will be free to make as many of your own decisions as you choose.  That's a good and y... read all »
So many things in life disgust me! I watch the news and see things like the recent school shooting in south Florida and I'm disgusted.  I see people mistreating babies and animals and I'm disgusted.  I see criminals turned back onto the streets to commit more crimes and I'm disgusted.  I watch people act as if they are the only ones who make a diff... read all »
Our Spiritual Body Parts
Paul described the members of the church as a body. Each part being necessary for the proper function of the system (I Cor. 12:12-27). Many parts - one body. We realize that none of us are the "eye", or the "ear" of the church...but it certainly paints a clear picture of the different parts of Christ's body - the Church to which we belong.  Our spiritual body al... read all »
God the Father
Have you ever seen a child get his heart truly broken? Have you seen the suffering in their eyes as the tears cascade down their cheeks?  Have you heard their cries bursting from their mouth as they can't totally comprehend how anyone could hurt this much?  Have you agonized over wanting to help, and not knowing how?  Especially if that is your child wh... read all »
Through the Eyes of Little Children
Larry Jon Wilson, singer and song writer in the 70"s, wrote a song titled "Through the Eyes of Little Children". It was a poignant reminder that children are observing our behavior, and most likely will develop much of their own ways by patterning ours.In March, the elders began encouraging us as parents and grandparents to read & study the scriptures with our kids an... read all »
Road Rage is OK?
We hear almost weekly of some one being a victim of "road rage" on our streets and highways. Don't get me wrong, a driver who becomes angry and then turns their anger on another driver is not the "road rage" I condone nor endorse. It's unacceptable in any case. But there is an acceptable road rage for Christians. Anger against sin which would try to hinder us on the "... read all »