Back to School
With the big day upon us I offer a few reminders to parents and kids to help get us started on the right foot: Parents: You are the primary teachers Even though the schools provide instruction in the Sciences and Arts, you remain the primary teachers and most influential figures. Moses reminded parents to, "…teach your sons." Deut. 1:18 School reflects ... read all »
The Christmas Cook
This is my 55th Christmas without my father. I thought of him recently while I browned some meatballs for a spaghetti sauce we were cooking up for guests over the holidays. This was his recipe. One handed down from his father and passed on to me by my mother years after he passed away.  The pungent smell of the garlic and Romano cheese filled the kitchen and... read all »
Ali's Final Weigh-In
Recently, ex-boxing champ Muhammad Ali died, and the media is filled with praise for both his athletic accomplishments, which are richly deserved, and his "social activism." Now is not the time to bring criticism upon this man who achieved many things during his life but I noticed that there are few, if any, articles that highlight the greatest impact that Ali had on ... read all »
Surviving the Opposition's Candidate
According to the pundits, the possible presidency of Trump or Hillary would be the final step in the destruction of this nation. This election has so polarized the American people that each side views the other as the agent of the apocalypse should the other’s candidate ascend to the top position in the land. The fear on both the left and right of the political spec... read all »
7 Lessons From a 7 Day Cold
I have happily recovered from a nasty cold that never seemed to end. The experience led me to think about some very basic things that even the common cold can teach us. Here are seven that mine taught me:Les.#1. A 7 day cold does not last 7 days.Contrary to popular belief that you’re in and out of a cold in seven days, the reality is that full recovery is often not ... read all »
Powerball Fever
The applied math site explains what the recent changes in Powerball lottery rulings meant for the “players” who buy tickets.Game Rules for the new Powerball game that went into effect for the Oct. 7, 2015 game. As “game players” (“suckers”) woke up to the fact that they were throwing money away trying to win the old 59/35 game, Powerball t... read all »
Reward and Punishment- Part II
In part one of this article I said that we sometimes don’t recognize the full implications of the punishments or rewards that come our way when choosing to obey or disobey God’s commands. In this regard I mentioned the many rewards that await one who actively pursues sexual purity.Another reward that is seldom understood is that which results from generous giving ... read all »
Reward and Punishment- Part I
When I was in Junior High my English teacher taught our class how to write a “precis”. A precis is a shortened version of an essay or article that maintains the meaning of the original piece of writing. He would do this by assigning us a 500 word essay on a particular topic and once completed would require the class to rewrite that same essay in 250 words, then 10... read all »
Four Questions to Ask Before Baptizing a Child
I recently baptized our eldest grandson, Christian. He is nine years old and because of his age I had some hesitation before going ahead with his baptism. There are many examples in the Bible of people who were spiritually sensitive at an early age. Samuel was a young boy when called by God to serve as prophet (1Sam.3:1-21); and it was said of Jesus as a boy that He g... read all »
The Celebrity Pope
Pope Francis has good teeth. I noticed this about him in a picture connected with his recent visit to the U.S. This is as it should be for one who strives to be the new face of the Catholic church witnessed by the carefully choreographed Papal appearances in New York and other cities recently.He is loved by the media because he preaches on their favorite themes of cli... read all »