Guest Speaker Bio: Curtis Hartshorne
Curtis Hartshorne has been ministering with the Church of Christ in Checotah, Oklahoma since February of 2012. He works primarily in preaching and teaching. He leads evangelistic Bible studies with his wife Kathy, he does marital and parenting classes and counseling. Before Oklahoma, he preached for 25 years in Colorado. He has taught college level courses on Princi... read all »
Lessons From the Valley
It has been eighteen months since my first serious bout of dizziness and nausea (during a men’s breakfast) which has since been diagnosed as Ménière’s Disease, a condition of the inner ear that causes hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and the reoccurring symptoms of vertigo and debilitating nausea. This condition has caused me to experience weight los... read all »
Guest Speaker Bio
Dave Laton has more than 40 years’ experience developing and managing education and training for business and industry, governmental agencies, academic institutions, and congregations of the churches of Christ. Dave holds degrees in education administration, business management, adult education, and a Doctor of Ministry in Religious Education Leadership. He is curre... read all »
Out of Season
Enough cowering! Enough hiding out and social distancing from getting things done because of the virus! Paul said that there would be “in season” and “out of season” times for preaching the gospel (2 Timothy 4:2) and for growing the kingdom. He did not mean that sometimes we work and serve, and at other times we should stop because it is inconvenient or dang... read all »
Changes for 2020
The year 2020 has brought several changes among the ministry staff here at the Choctaw congregation. We have seen the departure of our Youth, Family and Involvement Minister, Mike Coghill, which will bring about the eventual addition of another (new to us) minister at some point this year. Then there are the growing responsibilities taken on by our ministry intern, ... read all »
Big Church, Little Church
The first question people ask when they find out that I’m a minister is the name of the church that I preach for and then, without fail, follow up with the query, “How big is your congregation?” It seems as if there is something about the size of the congregation I serve that somehow gives them insight into who I am and probably my abilities as a minister. When... read all »
New Sunday Adult Classes Coming for the Summer
On Sunday, July 7th our new Summer education quarter for adult Bible classes begin.  On Wednesday nights we will have the third edition of “The Main Lesson in____” series with different speakers coming each week to summarize and explain what they believe is the main teaching of each book of the Bible.  We have a great line of speakers beginning with How... read all »
What's in it for God?
Ever wonder why God wants us to obey Him?  What exactly does God receive from our faithfulness and obedience?  We say that we want to please God and do so by avoiding sin or making a sacrifice in our service to others but how does our improved morality or increased service advantage God?  He doesn’t need anything nor does our goodness add any advantag... read all »
New Education Quarter
I would like to thank all the teachers, helpers and cooridnators who have served during the winter quarter (January-April).  Our education program is the ministry that requires the most volunteers (of at least 40) and functions year round.    With it we train the young and prepare them to receive the gospel when they are old enough; we streng... read all »
Respect His Name
I'm on a one-man crusade against the movie industry. Here's why. The rating system will give a movie an R rating for graphic violence, sex, or repeated use of the dreaded "F" word, but relegates the profaning of the Lord's name to a benign PG13 slot. It seems that blasphemy against God is less pervasive to a young viewer than common vulgarity or simulated sex. What's... read all »