Reality over Religion
The Jewish nation of Jesus' day sought a savior who could free them from Roman authority. They molded their religious hopes around this false human dream. When Jesus came along, He had all the marks of the Savior (miracles, fulfilled prophecy) but His humble demeanor and death on the cross conflicted with their view of what the Messiah should be. In the end they cho... read all »
Spiritual Security
There has been a lot of talk concerning Social Security that has a lot of folks in a lather. The government is suggesting a variety of ways to save it or make it more profitable.Some groups want to abolish it in favor of private plans, others suggest delaying retirement or having part of the S.S. payments put into private funds. With the bulk of the population rapidly... read all »
Gay Nation
It seems that the surest way to secure your fifteen minutes of fame in America these days is to declare to the world that you’re gay. Homosexuals are literally tripping over each other in order to be the first in their respective fields of endeavor to “come out” and thereby clinch their spot in the Gay Hall of Fame. Whether it be in sports or politics, entertain... read all »
Son of Encouragement
The earthquake woke me up.  I was napping last Saturday noon trying to ward off a nasty head cold when the 4.5 quake, centered in Jones, OK, rattled me out of a feverish sleep.  At that same moment my wife, Lise, came to the bedroom door to inform me that Charles Branch had died… two seismic events in a single moment. Dr. Charles Branch, noted neurosurg... read all »
A Man Well Approved
The church has always relied on men who could be counted on to carry out important matters discreetly and competently. In I Cor. 16:3 Paul refers to such men who were to safely transport a money gift from the Corinthian church to the church in Jerusalem, some 800 miles away:  “...When I arrive, whomever you may approve, I will send them with letters to carry y... read all »
What My Sore Back Has Taught Me
One day you pick up a box or a book and “snap”, you join the legions of back pain sufferers.I experienced the usual therapy and advice from my doctor who said, “use your meds to manage the pain as best you can”. This experience is not without its good side however, since it has taught me several lessons:1.Pain is a Fact of Life. We try so hard to avoid any typ... read all »
Who Is Your Person?
INTRO:As Christians, we are our brother’s keeper whether we realize it or not.  How we care for each other in society, family or the church is a true measure of our moral health.  Of course there is a higher expectation for us in the church because how we care for each other is not only a measure of our spiritual health but a way of witnessing the sinc... read all »
I Love You, God
I've often been uncomfortable in leading a prayer with the words "I love you, Lord." After all, who am I to say these words to such a one as God?Think of it. God, the Perfect One; the Almighty; the being who created me and everything else in this universe; The God of mercy who saved me from destruction and forgave me all my sins. How would I be worthy to be in a ... read all »
Decisions, Decisions
Decisions, DecisionsAccording to various studies people make about 612 decisions each day. Some are involuntary where the brain sends messages to your body to follow through on and others are voluntary because you have to make a conscious choice.When making these voluntary decisions the basic question most people use to decide is, “What will benefit me the most?” ... read all »
Labor Of Love
I had home renovations to be done recently and asked one of our members, Calvin Vernon, if he would contract the job. He said that he only worked for people he loved. I answered that I only hired workmen that I trusted so we got off on the right foot.After weeks of dust & debris, not to mention thousands of dollars, Lise and I now have a remodeled home that is wonderf... read all »