Getting Beyond The Rules
In Exodus 21:2 we read the instructions that God gave the Israelites concerning the treatment of slaves. Although the Jews were involved in the universal practice of slavery at the time, the treatment of their slaves was governed by God’s restrictions and laws— a code that usually encouraged fair treatment and eventual liberation.The point to n... read all »
Drifting Away…
Christians never quit God in a single day. Oh, some give up the faith suddenly at times because of a great tragedy in their lives but these are the exceptions. No, the way that most Christians lose their faith is through "drifting".Drifting is a slow removal of ourselves from the influence of God and His people. It is slow because drifting away fro... read all »
Sitting on the Puck
I hated the Toronto Maple Leafs. Back in the fifties and sixties they were the arch rivals of the Montreal Canadiens when hockey in Canada only had six teams. My dislike of the Leafs stemmed less from hometown prejudice than their style of play. You see, Toronto was notorious for “sitting on the puck.” In hockey language of the day, this term descri... read all »
The Christmas Shooter
Last minute Christmas sales and talk of the “fiscal cliff” were brutally replaced by headlines reporting that twenty children and six adults were murdered in a Connecticut elementary school last week. The President wept as he noted that, “We have been through this too many times…” and editorialists recharged their arguments for or against gun contr... read all »
For Rent
There’s a “For Rent” sign in front of a house near my home. It’s for rent because the young mother who lived there with her husband and two young children com- mitted suicide recently. Her family has moved out and put the house up for rent. I think of her every time I drive by on my way to and from work and see that sad little sign. Here I am not one... read all »
You know you’re a senior when the kid at the box office doesn’t want to see proof of age when you ask for the senior discount at the movies.  This scene along with the other signs of age have gotten me thinking about the future and what I want and don’t want as I go from being a senior to just being old.1. I Don’t Want Fake IndependenceI do... read all »
A recurring theme in all “Preacher Jokes” is the idea that they exaggerate the numbers that attend services. I know one minister of a 250 member church who routinely answers the common question, “How big is your congregation?”, with the answer, “Somewhere under 3,000 members…” Some may dismiss this interest in numbers as irrelevant when it comes to sp... read all »
God Given Rights
The recent trend in education and politics to remove any mention of God or the Bi-ble is really a subtle attack on individual rights and freedoms. Eliminating faith from public life weakens the nation’s understanding that man’s individual rights and free-doms are created and given by God, not the “State”. I believe that the endgame of removing the Bible from e... read all »
What Would You Do Differently?
Watching people die is always a growth experience. I don’t say this lightly because the trauma for family and friends is real and painful. But if you’re in the medical profession or serve as a hospice worker or minister, the constant passing of people from this life to the next occurs repeatedly in your everyday work and serves more to teach than frighten or d... read all »
The Gift That Got Them There
In several weeks we will be celebrating the graduation of our high school & college seniors. As a congregation we are proud of their achievement and share their joy in reaching this important milestone.As in every success story, there are usually many individuals who have contributed to the final outcome and graduation is no exception. One person that probably figures... read all »