Why Have A Youth Program
They leave their classroom messy after puppet show rehearsal. They make noise and always sit at the back during worship. They take up a large part of the budget and wear out a full-time minister.Some wonder why so much effort and resources go into the youth program. Here are some statistics to look at while you ponder the value of our ministry to youth here at the Cho... read all »
Getting Loopy
Our community has found it’s own version of millennium madness in the debate over the Outer Loop construction project. This Loop will connect to the super highway that will form a corridor between Canada and Mexico. Many rear that it will not simply run through Oklahoma but may even rumble through our very living rooms.Those in danger of losing property are concerne... read all »
Making Budget
I've noticed that despite good attendance at services and great enthusiasm for our various projects, we have not given sufficiently in recent months to make budget. Oh, we're not missing it by much, but every week, little by little, we fall behind in our giving.In order to encourage us to bear down in this area, I'd like to remind you of a few things concerning our of... read all »
Sisters of Light
I have watched the work that so many of the sisters here in Choctaw do and felt compelled to write a word of congratulations and thanks. We are so blessed in having godly women who are truly the light of Christ in this community.I mention no names because the space is too limited to write about the good works I see being done, or for fear of neglecting to mention the ... read all »
The Five Year Mark
Next week will mark the fifth year I have served this congregation as Pulpit Minister. During this time I have learned many valuable things. Here are five which were especially important to me. I learned to Love Louis. In my first year I grew to appreciate the man who has done so much to build up this church, brother Louis Thompson. During that first year his patience... read all »
The Triumph of Good
The scenes of tragedy are still fresh in our minds as we pass from the recent massacre of innocents in Jonesboro to the remembrance of the innocent One massacred for us at this time of year long ago. I will compare these in this week’s lesson but for now, I want to share a marvelous article by Chuck Monan who so eloquently brings these two together in a recent artic... read all »
Numbers that Matter
They say that you can make statistics mean whatever you want them to. This may be true but there are some numbers that do not lie, that tell not only a story but what the story is all about.Take the number 393 for example. This is the number of dollars “over” budget that this congregation has managed to give this year. Not a fancy or impressive number all by itsel... read all »
Brown Bag Christmas Giving
Last year at Christmas, we distributed not only 200 bags of food; we provided 200 Christmas dinners for people in our community. Our "Brown Bag Christmas" project is here once again and we have the opportunity to set 200 tables with a lovely meal so that others might enjoy some of the blessings that we will share with our own families.For those not familiar with this ... read all »
What are We to do With Ourselves?
No one has the knock-out punch argument for the question, "Which church is the true church?" This is why there are so many "true" churches. All Christian groups claim that they are the true church and the others are mistaken somehow.Of course, in the larger picture, all religions have this "true church" perspective (witness the Muslim suicide bombers of our day) so ou... read all »
Monthly Prayer and Praise Service
There was a time in the church when the brethren would conduct “prayer meetings" where the object was to pray earnestly for one another and focus the church's attention on praising God.This is certainly a Biblical idea (Acts 1:14; 13:2) as we see the early disciples often giving themselves over to intense prayer ( and fasting I might add). We have many who have aske... read all »