Lame-duck Preacher
There is a familiar scenario being played out in Washington these days. As a “lame-duck" White House and Congress try to carry on their work knowing that their terms will soon be at an end. Everyone goes through the motions, winking at the fact that what they are doing will have little impact on events since their authority is on hold until a new administration is s... read all »
In Case You Didn’t Notice
Recently one of our members, Harold Jones, retired from his responsibilities as deacon. The announcement for this was contained in a very small box with very few words in our bulletin and could have easily gone unnoticed.This humble and simple notice of retirement was very much the hallmark of Harold’s service to the church. He is a man of few words, but many action... read all »
Re-Set Sunday
It would be nice to speak of the autumn chill in the air and wonderful fall season coming upon us but who would I be kidding? This is Oklahoma - it’s 104o in September! There is very little color change here, except for the scorch burns on your lawn.Even though it doesn’t look or feel like it, summer is almost over. One sure sign is that school is in session and t... read all »
A New American Thanks You
What a wonderful day April 28th was for me. The culmination of 7 years of filling out forms, standing in line, and waiting for the mail finally came to fruition. At the Federal courthouse I took my oath and became an American citizen.If that wasn't enough of a blessing, that night a group of brethren organized a wonderful celebration to mark this special occasion. I w... read all »
Honor To Whom...
Recently we conducted the funeral of our dear sister Atha Harkless. Her death was quite unexpected and the funeral was set for early in the week, leaving only one full working day to care for the particulars.At the funeral itself hundreds gathered for the service which the family planned with care. As far as a funeral was concerned it was quite detailed, with a dinner... read all »
Quiet Service
Car dealerships are always boasting about their “great” or “fast” service because their customers prize competent workmanship done in a timely manner. In the church, we hope that our deacons can serve in the same ways, but the quality most prized among them is that of “quiet” service.This week Carthel Miller, one of our deacons, announced his retirement fr... read all »
Church Rules!
My little buddy, Jacob Foster, gives me some of his Bible class drawings from time to time. They are the images of a happy seven-year-old who has lived his entire life within the loving circle of the Choctaw congregation. Pictures of the cross or people traveling to services are eagerly pressed into my hands after worship. With his beaming smile and a sincere, "Here M... read all »
Why Have A Youth Program
They leave their classroom messy after puppet show rehearsal. They make noise and always sit at the back during worship. They take up a large part of the budget and wear out a full-time minister.Some wonder why so much effort and resources go into the youth program. Here are some statistics to look at while you ponder the value of our ministry to youth here at the Cho... read all »
Getting Loopy
Our community has found it’s own version of millennium madness in the debate over the Outer Loop construction project. This Loop will connect to the super highway that will form a corridor between Canada and Mexico. Many rear that it will not simply run through Oklahoma but may even rumble through our very living rooms.Those in danger of losing property are concerne... read all »
Making Budget
I've noticed that despite good attendance at services and great enthusiasm for our various projects, we have not given sufficiently in recent months to make budget. Oh, we're not missing it by much, but every week, little by little, we fall behind in our giving.In order to encourage us to bear down in this area, I'd like to remind you of a few things concerning our of... read all »