Daily Prayer Calendar

  1. Praise For God - He is Lord, Father, All-Powerful, All-wise. Focus on praising God in prayer today.
  2. Confession - As we experience God we become increasingly aware of our sins. Confess your sins to God.
  3. Thanksgiving - Praise God for all the good things He has given you. Name your blessings one by one.
  4. Supplication - Share your needs with God today.
  5. Pray for the lost in our community and our outreach efforts to serve and evangelize our family, friends and neighbors.
  6. Pray for our missionaries: Jean Elmera in Haiti and Geoffrey Kirima in Kenya.
  7. Pray for our outreach ministries World Bible School, BibleTalk Ministry, Eastern European missions, World Bible Institute, etc. 
  8. Pray for all the mothers in our congregation and all mothers everywhere.
  9. Pray for our men, dads, and grandfathers to be good leaders in the home and in the church.
  10. Pray for the leaders of our country.
  11. Pray for persecuted Christians around the world.
  12. Pray for our sick, elderly and shut-ins by name if possible.
  13. Pray for our widows and single women.
  14. Pray for our ministry, support staff and families.
  15. Pray our graduates remain faithful and for their parents.
  16. Pray for our college students and young adults. Pray for our Christian colleges.
  17. Pray for our Bible class teachers and students from infant to adults.
  18. Pray for parents raising families and more family Bible study in the home.
  19. Pray for our children in the youth group by name.
  20. Pray for our orphanages and group homes we support. Tipton Home, Hope Harbor, Lifeline of Hope, etc.
  21. Pray for your neighbors by name.
  22. Pray for unity in our congregation and in the brotherhood.
  23. Pray for our Elders and their families.
  24. Pray for our Deacons and their families.
  25. Pray through the Choctaw members directory, A to C.
  26. Pray through the Choctaw members directory, D to G.
  27. Pray through the Choctaw members directory, H to O.
  28. Pray through the Choctaw members directory, P to Z.
  29. Pray for new Christians to stay strong in their faith.
  30. Pray for our deployed service people and their families.
  31. Pray for personal boldness in speaking about Jesus to spread the gospel.