Should You Believe Everything You Are Told?

We’ve been told over and over that the last living dinosaur lived millions of years ago. If that’s so, I have some questions. 

First, why are there accounts of human encounters with dragons (“dinosaur” was not coined until 1841) from nearly every ancient culture on the planet? England, Italy, France, Greece, Israel, Nepal, Russia, China, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Egypt, Persia, India, Scandinavia, Australia, many Pacific islands and North & South America all have them, and some have a great many. 

And how have so many cultures left us with a vast number of accurate depictions of dinosaurs? 

  • How have sauropods been accurately depicted in engravings from 15th century England, as well as reliefs on a 5,000 year old cylinder seal from Mesopotamia, and etchings in a cliff in Utah from around 1,000 years ago? 
  • How did an ancient depiction of an Edmontosaurus come to be on a wall of the Grand Canyon? 
  • How did ancient artists in both Nepal and South America know how to sculpt & etch accurate depictions of ceratopsian dinosaurs?
  • How did a carving of a stegosaurus come to decorate a Cambodian temple 800 years ago?
  • Who carved accurate reliefs of dinosaurs on an ancient synagogue in the Golan Heights?
  • How is it that the 2,100 year old Nile Mosaic at Palestrina depicts hunters attacking a huge dinosaur-like creature they called a “crocodile-leopard”?
  • How did the ancient writer of the Biblical book of Job understand details of the sauropod-like creature he called “Behemoth” and another fearful monster called “Leviathan”?
  • How did the ancient artisans of Acambaro, Mexico know how to fashion hundreds of figurines into images of several types of known dinosaurs? 
  • How did artisans of the ancient Nasca culture leave behind depictions of dinosaurs in statuary, pottery, tapestries and more? 
  • How did the Ojibwa tribesmen of Ontario, Canada know how to draw an accurate depiction of an ankylosaurus being attacked by warriors? They called it “Unktehi”.

No, don’t believe everything you are told about dinosaurs being millions of years in the past, especially since that idea runs counter to the extant evidence.

There is much more evidence than this that dinosaurs lived concurrently with people, but the best evidence, for those willing to accept it, is God’s account of creation.

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