The Widow of Opportunity

Some years ago, I recall visiting with some friends. I don’t remember any part of our visit except one statement they made. They said they did not want to influence their children in matters of religion. They wanted their children to grow up and make their own choices and decisions about the subject. Needless to say, I was stunned at such a strategy for raising children. I’ve always thought it was so very important for parents to lead in trying to influence and mold their children toward values that were worthwhile and in their best interest. 

As the years have passed by in my life, I’m completely convinced that teaching our children to respect and serve Jehovah God and His son Jesus Christ is at the top of the list. I believe that parents are probably the single most influential force in their children. If parents have little or no faith and service to God, then that’s about what will be the children's value of God. If today you are a parent of children in your home, you have a “window of opportunity” to influence them to serve God. Once they have moved out on their own, that window is for all practical purposes “closed”. I don’t know anyone that looks back on life and feels sorry that their children grew into adulthood as faithful Christians. On the other hand, I know of a good number that carry a burden on their heart because their grandchildren have no desire to live as a faithful Christian. I know that sometimes when children are grown, they decide they don’t care about the Lord in spite of the best effort by their parents, but that’s no reason for not giving our best effort for influencing as we can. 

As I see it, parents active with all their family is serving the Lord, attending all the worship services and Bible classes possible, loving the Lord for what He offers to us must be our highest priority. The outcome is critical to not only the future of the parents, but also to the children.

If it comes down to choosing between attending Bible class and worshiping the Lord or any other activity, its got to be that the Lord comes first; before going to the lake, ball games, hunting or fishing trips, or anything else of which we could think. Putting the Lord first, will bring treasures of blessings to you and your family.

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