Nearly Random Thoughts

Every life can be criticized. Yours will be; but probably more by yourself than anyone else. In any case, avoiding criticism is not the point of life. The point of life is to honor God in what we do each day of our lives, Ecclesiastes 12:13. Remember that no one honored God more than Jesus, and he was crucified for it. 

We can accomplish “things” in life, but accomplishments are not the point of life. In the final analysis, all that will matter is what we have with God, and what we will have with God is whatever we will have created with him. Of course, all we have to offer him is our faith. In his eyes, however, faith in him is everything, Matthew 6:19-21.

Even if you are not worried, someone else who worries can influence you to begin to worry over the fact that you are not worried. And only after you begin to worry, are you in a position to worry about the fact that you are guilty of worrying when you know that you should not worry according to Jesus, Matthew 6:25-34. 

Love for a person may begin somewhat selfishly, because you see something in them that fulfills something in you. If your love for them matures into what it ought to be, however, you will find that your fulfillment comes only through their fulfillment, “love does not seek its own”, 1st Corinthians 13:5. 

I don’t believe in dress codes. I do believe in dressing appropriately for specific occasions. Whether I like it or not, my appearance reflects my attitude towards an occasion. I do not dress for a wedding as I would for a ball game.

The courage that results from faith is the greatest of all human virtues because it makes possible all other virtues.

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