Why is it so hard to do right?

You are a being of both flesh (your body) and spirit and one is constantly at odds with the other.  Each of us is a walking, talking dichotomy.

Your spirit aspires to do what is right, but your flesh demands that its appetites be satisfied.  Your soul?  Your soul is the part of you that wills which one wins.

Your body is made of the stuff of this present world and so it will always long for the stuff of this world and one day will return to this world's dust.

Your spirit, however, is from God in eternity, and he has hidden eternity in our hearts (so says Ecclesiastes 3:11).  Our spirit is from that realm.

Your body is like a spoiled two-year-old that demands to have its way. It wants donuts, it wants to play video games, it wants sleep, it wants sex, but at the very same time it also wants to be told it is physically attractive, highly productive, and a model of vitality and self-control.

Your spirit is like the adult who knows what is right and aspires to do it.

Your soul will decide whether you will follow the lusts of your body or the ascending path of your spirit.

A weak soul follows the cravings of the body and thereby drags the spirit along a path that leads downward to the earth from which only the body came.

A strong will dominates the body’s desires and thereby gives you the freedom to follow your spirit to higher purposes.