Why Am I A Christian?

First, I believe the creation itself and our ability to make sense of it makes it abundantly clear that a mindful creator is the cause of our existence.

Second, I believe that the internal evidence for the Bible testifies to its authenticity as the word of our creator given to mankind.

  • About 40 writers working in perfect harmony over 1500 years
  • Abundant accurately fulfilled prophecies, especially about Jesus himself (birthplace of Bethlehem, of David’s family, rejection, price of betrayal, crucifixion, hand, feet & side pierced, darkness during crucifixion, use of betrayal price, burial with rich, etc.)
  • Absence of either unfulfilled prophecies or inaccurate information found in other ancient documents
  • Brevity – unguided authors would have covered us over with pointless details (Jesus’ childhood stories, descriptions of angels, descriptions of people, political statements, how miracles were accomplished, etc.) 

Third, I believe there is no better way to live than to live as a Christian.  No other way of life provides peace that is beyond our ability to understand.  No other way of life guarantees me abundant life here and eternal life as well for living a life of faith in God and love for others. 

Fourth, I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead.

  • Multiple secular sources attest to his existence and his death by crucifixion
  • His tomb is empty from the third day just as he said
    • There is no way the guards over this grave would not have taken his body
    • The Jews would have been the last ones to take the body

The disciples would not have been able to take the body because of the guards, and they would not have lived and died as they did for Jesus had they known the resurrection to be a lie.  The world is forever changed by Jesus’ teachings without the use of  force or coercion 

Fifth, I believe that any creator who can make such beauty as we see in the world and each other, and who is willing to take part in our sufferings by offering up his own son, and who has by the word of his son prepared a home for us with him in his glorious domain, is someone I want to know.

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