What Has God Done?

You and I had a sin problem that was personal to each of us as individuals.  My sins were my sins, yours were yours, and we were on a fast track to paying for our sins with our souls.

What did God do?  He sent Jesus who would “taste death for everyone” (as Hebrews 2:9 says).  Now I have eternal life through him, and this life is available to everyone who wants it.

But nations still go to war.  Famine still strikes many parts of the world and disease is everywhere.  What has God done about these things?

As God sent Jesus, what if he also sent us great minds to become the statesmen we need to guide governments in the way of peace rather than war?  What if he sent thousands of them to help bring peace among his creation?

What if God sent us great minds to resolve the problems that bring famine; gifted people to stave off the tragedy of hunger by some ingenious work only those outfitted by God could do?

What if God would send us a whole new generation of minds to conquer the diseases that ravage mankind?  After all, he is God.  He could do that, couldn’t he?

What if God did that?  What if they came, but were killed before they were even born?

Jesus came to resolve our greatest problem.  He was killed.  Herod even killed a whole village full of two-year-olds to rid himself of Jesus (see Matthew 2:16).

What if the statesmen, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, counselors and other profoundly helpful humans were sent, but never made it to the daylight of life because they were aborted?

I would say, “May God help us”, but the words ring hollow, thinking that maybe he’s been trying to do just that, and we have rejected him, and life itself.