Expect Crazy

Jesus healed the sick, made the lame walk, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and enabled the mute to speak.  Thousands were fed by this man who carried no stores of food.  He even raised the dead.  What right-thinking being would not want such a beneficial man to live and walk among those they loved?

But he was called “ruler of demons” by his enemies; those who had invested themselves in this world.  So hated, that they defied logic and reason by hiring liars to falsely testify against him.  So it remains today, that those who have pushed God from their minds behave in ways that defy logic and reason. 

Some of our countrymen want to embrace socialism in spite of the fact that many of our recent enemies were German national socialists (Nazis) and Russian socialists (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) whose policies resulted in the deaths of literally millions of people.  Do they also not see the catastrophe that has unfolded before their eyes in Venezuela due to socialism?

Many claim they want to save children by outlawing guns, but then they militantly fight for the freedom to kill children while in the wombs of their mothers.

God-given sexuality is rejected in favor of all imaginable promiscuity.  The government, however, is still expected to pay for abortions and find a cure for AIDS.

Consider the irony that in spite of the sexual saturation of our culture, we see the incredulous refusal to acknowledge the differences between men and women.

Some decry racism & sexism but vilify all white males.  What?  Yes, but they are the same ones who condemn capitalism as they sip Starbucks while glued to their laptops.

“Fossil fuels are evil”, say those who drive around in their SUVs.

Crazy?  Illogical?  Unreasonable?  Yes, yes and yes.  But don’t be surprised.  This is the world.  How silly of us to expect folks still invested in this world to be logical and reasonable when the only perfect man to live here was crucified by popular vote.

The answer?  First, stay faithful to Jesus and the truth he has shown us.  Don’t cave to the fickle winds of worldly opinion.  Secondly, love those who have caved.  Pray that they will see the logical end of their futile path, and that you will be there for them when they do.


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