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Danger Will Robinson?

Technology is improving.  More and more jobs that once were done by humans are now being done by machines.  Some are even speculating that robots will soon be able to function much like living beings.  As a matter of fact, in October of 2017, a robot named “Sophia” was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Can we legitimately give such status to a machine?

The biggest question to me is, does “she” have a will of her own?  After all, how can you consider “her” a citizen if she is unable to make decisions independent of her programming?  Is it possible for a robot to have its own desires, or even point of view?  Can you program that?

Is Sophia really a person if she has no will of her own?

Therein lies the answer to the age old question, “Why is there evil in the world?”

There is evil, because God created us with our own minds and the ability to exercise our own free will.  Evil could have been avoided if God had made us automatons.  That is the only way, in this world, for perfect order to be kept.  As soon as you allow individuals to make choices according to their individual desires, you open up the door to evil.

Interestingly, that is also the only way to open the door to love.  Love cannot be programmed.  Choice is the only means by which love is possible.

God knew that most of his creation would rebel against him in favor of their own will.  He also knew that many would choose to love him.  He has provided each of us the power within ourselves, to make either the worst decision possible, or to make the best one, which will lead us to eternity.  Which do you choose?