Please Don't Die!

All too often I hear of someone tragically taking their own life. Having presided over funerals for such folks and having attempted to comfort survivors, I want to put something out there again, to encourage anyone who may be considering suicide to reconsider. Please, reconsider.

I haven’t been where you are, so I don’t pretend to understand all you are going through. I would like to hear your side. Until then, here are just a few things I believe you need to know:

  1. The rest of us want you to keep going, to live. Even if it doesn’t show, we care about you. You are a unique human being like the rest of us and we are connected by our humanity even if we don’t know you.
  2. Regardless of who you are, you have the potential to do much good that will benefit others. Right now, someone needs what you have to offer. You have God-given gifts. Please stay with us so for the benefit of those who need what you have.
  3. Losing you will hurt every right-thinking person who hears of your death. It will hurt most, those you care about the most.
  4. If you need help of any kind there is someone who is willing to provide it. We just need to get you connected.
  5. Regardless of what may seem to be crushing you, it is not worth your life.
  6. If you press on with life, you can be a source of strength to others who are struggling. Conversely, your decision to die may weaken the resolve of others to go on.
  7. Everything in God’s universe has purpose. This is especially true of you, as you are created in God’s image. Keep going until you have discovered your purpose.
  8. If guilt is troubling your soul, killing yourself will right no wrong. You can only make amends if you live.
  9. You need to know that your survivors will likely see your suicide as a selfish act.
  10. Your pain may turn out to be one of the best teachers you’ve ever had. The rest of us need to hear the lessons it has taught you.
  11. God does his best work with the biggest, baddest, most seemingly insurmountable problems. That's what the cross of Jesus Christ is all about.
  12. Death will not be the end of your pain, but it will end your opportunity to do something about it.

Contact me. Contact someone. Call me selfish, but I do not want to hear of another fellow traveler through time who has cut theirs short.