Hey, What's Up Ahead?

Sunday, November 24 2019, has been designated by the shepherds here at Choctaw as “Every Member Present Sunday”. That’s what’s up ahead!

On a given Lord’s day, folks will be absent from our assembly for any number of reasons. Kids get sick, work schedules interfere, vacations come along, and well, you know. It is difficult to get everyone together at the same time; but how neat would it be if we did?

You may recall that we’ve made this effort before with marvelous results; and November 24th is the Sunday before our national day of Thanksgiving. How appropriate is that!?!?

But is this just about numbers?

Think about it. You’re having a family gathering. Is the size of the crowd the point? Duh, of course not. What is important is that everyone belongs, and has a place to fill and a part to play. Any absence of a beloved family member takes away from the gathering. The love we have learned from God compels us to want each one to be there; even the ones that behave like goobers sometimes (of course that’s never you nor me). You get it.

If we want to have all of us here on the same Lord’s Day, or even get close to having the entire congregation together for the same worship assembly, we have to plan. So, mark your calendar! Put a big red circle around November 24th. No, wait, not red, but use either royal blue or purple, since we are the royalty of the kingdom of God who are coming together to honor the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Markers ready?

Did I mention that the day to mark is November 24th?