Good Friends

Behavior is influenced by companions.

Do you choose friends based on what you want to see in your behavior?

If I want to succeed in life, I must choose friends who also value success; but I ‘d better know what I consider to be success. Paul told the church at Corinth that evil companions corrupt good morals (1st Corinthians 15:33). In this case, evil companions had influenced some members of the church so profoundly that they stopped believing in the resurrection of the dead. Not good.

Just as we see how evil companions corrupt us, good ones help us grow and succeed in life.

What could be a better measure of success than seeing the fruit of the Spirit of God as described in Galatians 5:22-23 produced in ourselves?

Do my friends help me have more love for others? Do I have more joy after being with them? Am I more at peace around them and do I find myself exercising more patience with circumstances and people? Does their influence provoke me to acts of kindness and a commitment to what is good? Is it likely that I will be more gentle with others after spending time with my friends? How about self-control? Do they strengthen and encourage my resolve to self-control?

If my friends move me towards God and opening myself to follow His Spirit, then they are good friends.

In today’s world, however, friends are not simply those with whom you keep company in the flesh. We bring folks into our lives via the television, music, movies, books, magazines, videos and other media. They too are influencing me. Whatever I allow to fill my mind will also shape my values and my behavior.

This is both a blessing and a curse; but I get to choose which they will be.

Of course, there is no better companion than Jesus. You can spend time with Him whenever you want by reading His book or praying to God through Him. But be advised, He will change you. His people will have a similar effect.

You will never walk away from this friend or His people the same; and that is a good thing.