Christmas Lights

Light is the first thing Genesis records God speaking into existence (Genesis 1:3). He did not need the light, but we do, even to imagine all the rest of his creative acts.

Later, he would create what were referred to as “lights” in the heavens; the “greater light” to rule the day, the “lesser light” for the night (1:14-19), and we still need these lights.

God’s greatest and most needed light, however, is Jesus. John the apostle called him the “true light” who enlightens all men (John’s gospel 1:9). Jesus now calls us to be lights, by doing good that God may be glorified (Matthew’s gospel 5:14-16).

Lights, of course, are a big part of Christmas. This has been the season to use them to adorn our homes, businesses, city streets and even vehicles. No other holiday has such a wonderful custom.

Soon, they will all come down, and that’s okay. The holiday illuminations are beautiful, but they do not dispel the darkness. They simply remind us of the true light that does in fact, dispel darkness, and Jesus has now made that work yours, and mine.

The world is in desperate need for you to be committed to everything to which Jesus calls you: Honesty, loyalty, morality, kindness, compassion, industriousness, justice, mercy, faithfulness, courage, discipline & love.

Though we be but poor candles, may our lights shine bright into the new year.