Living Dogs or Dead Lions?

Solomon said we are all crazy.

“This is an evil in all that is done under the sun, that there is one fate for all men. Furthermore, the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil, and insanity is in their hearts throughout their lives. Afterwards they go to the dead. For whoever is joined with the living, there is hope; surely a live dog is better than a dead lion.” Ecclesiastes 9:3-4

He was talking about you and me, and from what I’ve seen, I have to agree with the man. God is the center, but I am always straying (like a dog) from center. I often fail to think like a man centered on God. I often fail to speak and behave like a man centered on God.

Why did David commit adultery, try to cover the resulting pregnancy and finally have a man murdered to “free” himself? Insane, right? How do you come back from that? David swallowed his pride, brought his broken heart to God and deliberately made Him his center again.

Why did Peter deny Jesus after witnessing His divine character daily for three years? How do you come back from the insanity of denying your truest friend? Peter, like David, humbled himself and sought Jesus again. Yes, Jesus centered Peter again. That’s what He does. That’s why He came. He didn’t come to help the good folks. There aren’t any. He said so.

What’s my point? I believe David & Peter became the dogs of which Solomon spoke.

If you are a dog, don’t despair, since you are better than a lion, if that lion is dead. As Solomon said, “for whoever is joined with the living, there is hope.”

God, who brings us all to center, is the one who had Solomon write about living dogs and dead lions. Please listen. A dead lion? It will just fill our nostrils with a horrible smell, and so we will bury it and walk away. Nothing more can be done.

But everyone loves a dog, even if he’s crazy.