Disturbing Trends

Worldly folks doing worldly stuff, is expected. But when those who name Jesus as their Lord begin listening to the world instead of him, they trouble the church.

One trend I will briefly address here, is male leadership in the kingdom. Anyone with the eyes to see it will note that a lion’s share of kingdom work is done by our ladies. God has made sure that their influence and works were recorded in his book for all to see until He returns. All I am saying is that something else He recorded in His book is that He wants His sons, rather than his daughters, to step up to the plate and lead.

Have you ever noticed in God’s record:

¨ God refers to Himself as male, as well as His Spirit and Son

¨ God fashioned man first, and woman to be His helper; both, in His image

¨ All angels, appear as male & those named have male names

¨ Patriarchs, rather than Matriarchs – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,

12 male tribal heads then Moses & Joshua

¨ Lineage traced through fathers rather than mothers

¨ Wives are identified by their husbands (“Deborah, wife of Lapidoth”, “Her of Uriah” [Bathsheba], “church of Christ”)

¨ All priests were men

¨ Levitical service was by men

¨ Nearly all Judges (Deborah being the singular exception)

¨ Most prophets were male (exceptions being Miriam, Deborah, Huldah,

Isaiah’s wife & Anna)

¨ Kings, rather than Queens

¨ Jesus initially chose men to be his apostles

¨ Matthias later takes Judas’ place, and Jesus added yet another man, Paul

¨ Church leadership, Shepherds, Deacons, Evangelists – all men

¨ All Biblical writings were inspired by God’s Holy Spirit through men

None of this was to suppress or to oppress God’s crowning creations, but rather to empower His men to do what He designed them to do – lead!.... with the help of Godly women.

Sadly, even in the church, some folks twist the Biblical text to try and make it say what it doesn’t about the role of women in God’s kingdom. Regardless of specific passages, however, it is unmistakable from the list above, that God has consistently chosen men to lead His people. We controvert His teachings and example to our peril.