Why Do You Go To Church?
Marty Kessler | June 12, 2020

Six times in the 14th chapter of 1st Corinthians, Paul speaks of the church being edified when it assembles. Edification is about people; building up people.

As a member of the Lord’s church, I know I have an obligation to God to attend the assemblies of the church to worship him. No one in the universe is more deserving of my devotion and service. Isn’t it interesting though, that when we assemble for God, he sees our service to each other as service to him?

This should not surprise us at all, however. The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves. That’s what we are doing when we build someone up; we are loving them. What better time to love people than when we have gotten together to show God how much we love him?

Jesus also taught us that when we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, care for the sick, show hospitality to strangers, remember those in prison and clothe the naked that we are doing all of those things to him (Matthew 25:34-40). If in these ways we are serving God, how much more are we serving him when we build up his family when it assembles.

What can you do to edify the church when it meets?

  1. Be there – your presence speaks volumes. Just seeing you there will signal to others that you agree that they have made the right decision to come.
  2. Learn people’s names – take the time and make the effort to learn their names and spend some time visiting with them before or after assemblies. You won’t be sorry. Use the pictorial directory on our website, make notes when introducing yourself or ask folks you know about those you don’t.
  3. Participate – sing (we are supposed to be singing to each other), listen, take notes, bow for prayer, and fully commit yourself to the assembly. Do all things with both zeal and reverence committing yourself to the assembly instead of conversation or your phone.
  4. Smile – You are on your way to heaven with these folks. What is not to smile about?