We Gonna Be Okay?
Marty Kessler | August 14, 2020

Boom! Everything is different now.

As shepherds, we used to agonize over cancelling a worship assembly because of icy roads or stormy weather. Who ever imagined the present circumstance?

We used to joke about how the back pews always filled up first, and that having to sit near the front was the penalty for coming late. Now we only have every other pew available.

Our loved ones go to the hospital, but we can’t go with them or visit them now.

Thankfully, we have come short of physical combat over masks. Maybe it’s the fumes from the hand sanitizer that is making us crazy. Or….. maybe it’s something else.

Covid cancel church? Great time to paint! Bible class going to start soon? Yes, we anticipate that the painting will be done in two weeks. No, four weeks. Well, okay, just a bit longer. You know, contractors. Yes, the light fixtures need to hang down like that for now. And yes, we are getting a new roof and yes we did need a cleanup crew for the auditorium and the mess that resulted from that. Oh, where do we put all this stuff while rooms are being painted? What about storage? We need more storage! Are we keeping the annex, or should it be abandoned? Yes, we did say that date, but things have changed….. again. Is the live stream working okay tonight? No sound, you say? We’re on it. Well, somebody’s on it. What do you mean there’s water leaking from the attic into the Titus 2 room!?!? Another water leak in N5 staining the new paint? Did you just tell me that the a/c is not working in the north hallway? Right. What do you mean that’s not the cart you ordered; I’ve already assembled it. Okay, we’ll disassemble it and send it back. What, the replacement came, but it’s damaged??? Box it up, send it back too. Did the individual communion supplies get ordered? Oh, we’re keeping the annex. Alrighty then. Covid deaths are up. Covid is a conspiracy. Do you know anyone with Covid? Covid is real. Covid came from China. You’re a racist for saying that. We are racist for supporting mission works in Kenya and Haiti. Right. It will all change after the election in November. They’re doing school how? Will Logan’s reopen, or are they gone forever!? The medical experts say masks work, just not the same medical experts who say they don’t. Walmart says they do, that’s final.

Hang in there, flock! We are in the Lord’s care and the world still needs the gospel. The most important truths have not changed, and they never will.