I love it. Line in the water, just waiting for the first stirring of a nibble. Then “BOOM!”, they bite hard, you set the hook and feel that life on the other end of the line as you reel him in. There is just nothing else like that kind of excitement.

Remember that time the apostles had fished all night and caught nothing (Luke 5:1-11)? Jesus told them to go out into the deep and let down their nets. Obeying him, they caught so many fish the nets were breaking and the boats sinking! But Jesus did not have the fish jump into the boat. They still had to be caught. Jesus told these men that from then on, instead of catching fish with nets, they would fish for people using the gospel.

Have you fished for anyone’s soul? Below are just a few samples of things to say that might get a “fish” interested. Actual fish take your bait to their doom, but those fortunate enough to get hooked by Jesus’ gospel are given everlasting life. You don’t have to be a theologian, just someone with the courage to fish. Do any of these sound like something you could try?

“How are you and the Lord doing these days?”

“What is your religious background?”

“Do you enjoy reading the Bible?”

“What do you think about Jesus?”

“I can’t wait for our next Bible class.”

“Why do you think there is so much religious division?”

“I am inviting you to come to church with me.”

“Do you own a Bible?”

“Sunday or Wednesday? Oh, I’m asking when you’d like to come to church with me.”

“Where do you go to church?”

“If you were to meet the Lord today, would you be ready?”

“Got a minute? I’d just like to tell you three things I love about the Lord’s church.”

“Do you believe that Jesus is coming back?”

“What do you believe is our purpose in life?”

“Here is a track/booklet/video I thought you would find interesting.”

These are just samples of how we might get a conversation started. Perhaps someone you know is just waiting to be asked. Will God bless our efforts to save others? Well, we know he can’t bless an effort we don’t make.