Suffering for Jesus

About a week ago as I write this, terrorists violently beheaded three Christian men in the Indonesian village of Lemban Tongoa and burned another man and his son alive in their house.

In Nigeria, West Africa, a minister & two Christian women were recently kidnapped by terrorists. Their condition and whereabouts are presently unknown.

A mob of around 2,000 Hindus attacked and beat 80 people in the village of Singanpur in Chhattisgarhi state, India, for espousing the “foreign religion” of Christianity.

13 people from the Bru tribe in Vietnam, were forced to leave their village after neighbors destroyed their homes for their faith in Christ.

Daniela & Sebastian are two Columbian youngsters now without a father. He ministered to those suffering from the drug trade as he believed Jesus would, so the local cartel killed him.

In September, a group of believers were delivering food to the hungry in war-torn Azerbaijan. They narrowly missed being killed by a bomb.

A photograph shows a baptism in a secluded pool somewhere in Bangladesh. Those wanting to follow Christ there must do so in secret, or risk reprisals from Muslim extremists and/or their own community.

The man we claim to follow gave up heaven and equality with God to be misunderstood, constantly contradicted and demeaned by hypocrites, falsely imprisoned, lied about, spat upon, slapped in the face, beaten until he was nearly unrecognizable (Isaiah 52:14), mocked, made to wear a crown of thorns, hung on a cross with nails through his flesh and finally pierced with a spear.

Here I am facing a mask mandate. Woe is me. Just trying to get some perspective.