Court is Now in Session

A man by the name of Derek Chauvin is presently on trial for the death of another man named George Floyd.

It is feared that there may be reprisals if the outcome does not satisfy those whose minds are already made up regarding his guilt. Perhaps this fact, more so than the actual verdict, is what scares most folks the most.

Regardless of how passionately some feel about this case, there is coming a day when this trial and all others like it will be the farthest things from all of our minds.

On that day we will each be called before our Creator to give an account for ourselves. We will be the ones on trial, and even the best of us are sure to be found guilty and eternally condemned.

And no one will dispute the verdict. Sentence will be passed and there will be no appeal. Our deeds will be evident to all and the question of our guilt will be settled. We have lied, we have stolen, we have lusted, hated, sworn, scorned, cheated, deceived, disobeyed, injured, maligned, gossiped, fornicated, abused, debased, ignored, profaned, indulged, mocked, perverted, ridiculed, bullied, betrayed, attacked, cowered, neglected, vaunted & presumed too many times for us to recall. But it will all be there for everyone to see clearly and nothing will be overlooked.

There is hope, however. The judge, it seems, has arranged for his son to be our defense attorney if we want him to do so. What’s more, he has even arranged for his son to pay the debt for our lawlessness long before we get to trial. In fact, his plan confers his son’s perfect righteousness on each of us in exchange for our faith so that we can stand before the judge (the father and appointer of our lawyer) with nothing but his son’s righteousness showing on us.

This fantastic deal is available to everyone, but sadly, not everyone will avail themselves of it. In fact, few will seek it out, even though it has been available for around 2,000 years now.

But what will you do? Will Jesus be your hope? Will you be found “Not Guilty” by reason of Jesus’ sacrifice?

Or….. will you be one of those many who failed to appreciate what both the judge and his son have done for you?

As always, your choice; but you need to understand that your trial date has already been set.