Encouraged to Encourage

My computer immediately put a blue line under the second “Encourage” above, meaning the system program questions the legitimacy of this word in that place.

But there is no question in our minds about the value of encouragement, is there? I mean, when is it out of place to put some courage into someone to help them do well?

If you could go back in time, whom would you like to think that you would have encouraged?

Would you have encouraged Eve to be satisfied with what she already had? How much suffering a little positive influence may have saved. It boggles the mind.

What about Cain? Would you have nudged him to humble himself and be blessed?

What would you have said to the Israelites as they were leaving Egypt that might have kept them from losing faith and dying in the wilderness?

What would you have said to Mary, when she was a young girl carrying a baby out of wedlock who would grow up to save us all?

How about when John was imprisoned, waiting to be executed unjustly? Do you believe he could have benefitted from a positive word from you?

Yes, if we had only been there back then!

But we weren’t there then, we are only here now. So what will the record of history show that you did encourage? Perhaps more importantly, WHOM will the record show that you encouraged?

Look around you….. the opportunities to put courage into someone who needs it are literally unlimited!