Am I All That?

Am I being the image of Jesus he calls me to be?

Do I serve like he serves, knowing that some whom I serve will be ungrateful or apathetic? I am so glad he keeps on serving even though the ungrateful one is often me.

Do I have compassion like him? I have tons of compassion. Well, okay, is mostly for myself, but isn’t that still compassion? No one throws as good a pity party. You may have even been invited.

Am I forgiving the way he is? Not once has Jesus ever savored the “power” of having something to hold over another. Yes, that does feel good, doesn’t it, that feeling of superiority over someone who’s messed up? Wow; I am so glad that I am to learn from Jesus, when it comes to forgiving rather that he from me.

Am I humble as he is humble? He allowed himself to be led like a lamb to the slaughter for my sake. But me? I am independent and self-sufficient and I refuse to be led anywhere. Well, okay, I am writing this, so I suppose I am somewhat open to being led even if sometimes it is more like I am being dragged along while kicking and screaming. Is that sufficient humility?

I haven’t gotten it quite right yet; how about you?

Jesus said, “So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done’”, Luke 17:10