Don't You Believe It!

If Eve had not listened to the serpent, she would not have eaten the fruit. But she did listen to him and brought sin with all of its corruption into paradise (Genesis 3).

If Aaron had not listened to the people, he would not have made that golden calf that they worshiped as a god. But he did listen to them, he did make the calf, which made him look pretty dumb brought a horrible judgment on God’s people (Exodus 32).

If those people had not later listened to the ten faithless spies, they would not have missed out on the promised land. But they did listen to their discouraging words in spite of all they had already seen God do for them. Listening to the wrong folks made them cowards (Numbers 13 & 14).

If Saul had not listened to the people, he would have obeyed God and remained king over Israel. But he did listen to the people and so he foolishly lost the kingdom to another, more faithful man (1st Samuel 15).

If Rehoboam had not listened to his running buddies, he would not have split the nation of Israel and brought shame on himself. But he did listen to them, and the shame came in waves for centuries to follow (1st Kings 12).

If the people of Iconium had not listened to the lies of Paul’s detractors, they would not have looked like dunderheads when they stoned Paul having so shortly before proclaimed him to be a god (Acts 14).

If Peter had not listened to the Judaizing teachers, he would not have become a hypocrite and influenced many others including Barnabas to act just as foolishly (Galatians 2).

History is replete with gullible folks who made fools of themselves having listened to the wrong people.

History will eventually show who you and I listened to.