Advice to Our Graduates

To succeed, make God your closest ally and his people your best friends – Few things will benefit you as much in life as seeking out God and his people wherever the road ahead takes you.

Hard work pays off, God promises – We reap as we sow. According to Galatians 6:6-10, God assures us that he will provide the harvest of what we have planted. Jesus said the laborer is worthy of his hire, and no one will pay you like him.

Seek advice from the right people – There are plenty of clueless goobers out there who take it upon themselves to bless you with their advice; but the wise will seek out the wise. Look first at their lives. If they have succeeded in a Godly fashion, give them an ear. This ensures that you will build on a firm foundation (Matthew 7:24-27).

Look for a mate who will help you and your children get to heaven – “The Two will become One”, so you’d better be going the same direction if you want peace in your home. Be deliberate about choosing someone strong in the faith. Yes, I know that not all who wear the name “Christian” are strong in the faith, but none are who don’t.

Great opportunities are intimidating, so be ready – Jacob came to power only after being made a slave and then imprisoned. Moses tried to avoid the very things that made him great. David knew he could whip Goliath only because of previous fights with a lion and a bear. Opportunity really does come dressed in work clothes.

Pursue self-development in the kingdom of God, rather than self-fulfillment in the world. Those most empty are the ones who “make it to the top” and find nothing there. God made you to dominate the creation (Genesis 1:26-28) starting with yourself, so do things that are worthy of your place in the kingdom.

It is never too early and you are never too poor to remember God with your finances – It is tempting to wait until you are “established” to give liberally, but blessings that cannot be bought are delivered to the cheerful giver. God does not need your money, but we need the faith that comes by learning to give.

Remember that you can only feel good about yourself and your life by doing what is good. Healthy self-esteem is a by-product of accepting this responsibility. If you want to feel good, do good. Otherwise, you have no right to it.