"...a church where I will be welcomed"

I received an e-mail from someone considering visiting one of our assemblies. They related how their past was not necessarily exemplary, and so were wondering if that would keep them from being welcomed among us.

How would you answer such an e-mail? What would you say?

  • No one among us has a stellar past either?
  • Is your sin really worse than ours?
  • Jesus' church is a hospital for sinners, not a country club for saints?
  • Some of us have seen the inside of a jailhouse?
  • It is not our church, it belongs to Jesus and he says, “Come on!”
  • The church is made up of reforming sinners, ‘cause that’s all there is?
  • Addicts need Jesus too; ask us how we know?
  • We would probably not be welcomed at every church ourselves?
  • The apostle Paul killed Christians; have you done that?
  • Do you really think you are any worse than us?
  • The best of us are much more like you than we are like Jesus?
  • How could you be unwelcome here if we are not?
  • If you are struggling with sin, you will fit right in here?
  • Only the devil wants you to believe your sin makes you different?
  • We all desperately need Jesus! You’d better get in here?
  • _________________ (other)

So I ask again, what would you say? I am praying that they come, likely you are too. Be thinking about how you will welcome them. After all, if this individual does not come, there will be another, and probably at our next assembly.

How will you welcome them?