The Memory of the Righteous is Blessed
Marty Kessler | December 3, 2021
The memory of the righteous is blessed.  Proverbs 10:7

“Remains”. It is a word we often use to refer to the body of a loved one who has died. That description, however, misses a much more profound truth.

What truly remains of those we love are our memories of them, the impact they made on our lives and how their influence even after they are gone, continues to change us and mold us into who we are.

Jesus gave us a simple “meal” so that we would be blessed with the memory of his sacrificial love until his return. He enables us to recall countless other wonderful memorials as well, to guide & comfort us along our way.

My mom (whose memory I now cherish) taught me as a child to pick up pennies others left on the ground out of respect for Mr. Lincoln. Accounts of his wisdom & Godly behavior have been recollected since his death over 160 years ago. The “memory” of Mr. Lincoln blessed my mom, and now it blesses me.

We may buy a piece of granite and inscribe the name of a loved one to set up at their grave as a memorial. But those who’ve lived after a Godly fashion, have inscribed their memory on our hearts while they were yet with us in a much more meaningful way.

I thank God for my ability to recall “precious memories” of so many loved ones who continue to bless my life by the lasting impressions they have left on me.

Whose memory blesses you? Whose influence lives on to affect your behavior for the good?