Free, Fleeting, but Invaluable
Marty Kessler | February 4, 2022

Our daughter and her family attend a large congregation of the Lord’s church. When I visit them there, I am a stranger, except of course when I am with one of my three young grandchildren.

Members of their congregation young and old will invariably approach us calling my grandchild by name and introducing themselves to me. Each time, I see my grandchild respond with happy smiles, a warm embrace or some kind of interaction that tells me what I am seeing is more than just a passing familiarity.

What a blessing to see first-hand that my grandchildren are known and loved by Godly people who consider them a part of their family. This marvelous influence in their lives is truly priceless.

Yes, priceless, but there for the taking.

Every time the Lord’s people get together we can bring our children into this spiritually rich experience that often begins in the parking lot. You don’t even have to wait for the singing, the prayers, the sermon, or anything else.

I know the richness of being among God’s people has made an unquantifiable difference in my life, and I am so thankful to see it happening all over again with our precious grandchildren.

Don’t miss these too few opportunities to bring your little ones into this blessing. The influence lasts forever, but the opportunity does not.