Things Worthy of Note Regarding the Book of Acts (practices, deeds, function….acts) of the Apostles
Marty Kessler | March 10, 2022

Only the acts of four apostles are actually described in the book (Peter, John, James & Paul), but it mostly focuses on Peter’s and Paul’s ministries

Barnabas is included as an apostle along with Paul in 14:14, but almost certainly as an apostle (one sent) of the Holy Spirit and of the church in Antioch of Syria (13:1-3).

Though his work is a major focal point of Acts, Paul was not even one of the original twelve, but was converted by Jesus himself when on the road to Damascus to persecute Christians.

Acts introduces the reader to a transition of leadership in the church from apostles to elders.

The inclusion of Gentiles into the kingdom is documented in Acts 10 and reinforced in 11 and 15.

Acts records the first time Christians were called Christians in 11:26

The spread of the gospel as recorded in Acts was enhanced by characteristics of the Roman Empire

1) the “Pax Romana” – peace established by Rome

2) relative law & order

3) a system of good roads and relatively safe seaways

4) common language of koine Greek

Quotes from the Old Testament abound in Acts, in fact it records the gospel spreading throughout the world despite the absence of the completely written New Testament.

The existence of at least 26 congregations of the Lord’s church (either specifically identified or implied) are documented.