Benefits of a Month Focusing on Prayer
Marty Kessler | April 29, 2022

I will learn to go beyond the cliché – In the process of offering up more frequent and more deliberate prayers, I will come to cease using the shallow, oft repeated words & phrases I tend to use, and really talk to God from my heart (see what Jesus said about this at Matthew 6:7-8).

I will Draw closer to God – How can you reveal your greatest concerns and deepest thoughts to someone without gaining a greater appreciation for them in the process? To make God my confidant draws him closer to me (check out James 4:8 to see what he says about this there). Wow.

I will gain insights into myself – Soul-searching for the express purpose of deciding what to talk to the creator of the universe about, will help me see what is really important to me. That may be a painful experience, if I happen to be a bit shallow or self-serving, but don’t I need to understand that about myself if it is true (like Hebrews 4:13 implies)? Conversely, if I am on track in my values, how great would that be to discover?

I will learn to be comfortable, even in the throne-room of God – Isaiah was given a vision of being there…. and he was afraid (Isaiah 6:1-8)! But Jesus has torn the curtain down that separated that holy place from us and invites us to come in at any and all times (don’t miss Hebrews 4:14-16 about this)!

Studying about prayer, I will have a greater appreciation for the priceless, and personal gift that it is – Like John wrote, it is a confidence we have that he hears when we ask anything according to his will, 1 John 5:13-14. Yes, the creator of the universe stops to listen to me. What more could any human being ask?