Why am I a Christian?
Marty Kessler | June 24, 2022

Because I am afraid and insecure when I see the chaos in the world all

around me and realize how powerless and vulnerable I really am. My life

could change in an instant, and Jesus is the only insurance policy that

prepares me for every possible contingency.

Because I am guilty of sin, just like you, and have no means of doing

anything about it on my own. Jesus willingly hanging on that cross in my

place, however, shows me just how difficult it is to wipe my slate clean. I just

can’t walk away from that.

Because I have found no better way to live than by Jesus’ teachings. They

put my mind at ease and give me peace. Living by them makes all my

relationships better. Doing what Jesus says just works.

Because I can find no better company in this life than those who are Jesus’

disciples. They are the truest friends, the most reliable neighbors, the most

trustworthy confidants, and the purest influences for good in my life that

can be found.

Because looking around me, I see that no one lives forever, and that even

the healthy, active years I may have on this planet are relatively few. I do

not know what is beyond this life, but I know Jesus is not merely aware of it

but is Lord over it all.

Because I sense that there is a day of reckoning coming when I will have to

answer for all I’ve done that I shouldn’t have, and all I have left undone that I

should have. If representing myself in civil court is foolish, how much more

foolish is it to fail to have Jesus as my advocate on that day when I stand

before the bar of eternal judgment?

Because there is absolutely NOTHING I could give my children and my

grandchildren that will be more valuable or more important to them than my

example of walking daily with the creator of the universe and the Lord of all

that is beyond that.