The Significance of Acts 2:38

Pentecost was one of the three main feasts God instructed the nation of Israel to keep. It was to be held on the fiftieth day after the Passover Sabbath (Leviticus 23:15-16).

God instructed that this feast was to take place on the fiftieth day after counting seven Sabbaths from the Passover. Pentecost, as designed therefore, would always fall on a first day of the week.

The Pentecost recorded in the Acts 2 following Jesus’ resurrection remains a focal point in history. This day would see the culmination of Jesus’ plan to establish God’s kingdom through his church just as he said in Matthew 16:18 & 28 and as foretold by God’s prophets such as in Daniel 2 & 7, Isaiah 2 & Micah 4.

Acts 2, as it is presently divided in the English Bible, has forty-seven verses.

Twenty-six of these verses cover the sermon Peter preached through which the Lord’s church began.

Of those twenty-six verses, the first eight are Peter’s explanation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles as the fulfillment of Joel’s

The next fifteen verses tell us what he said to convict the crowd of crucifying the Son of God and also that God had raised him from the dead making him Lord and Christ.

Only one verse, verse 38, tells those who heard Peter’s message what they needed to do to be saved. Only one verse!

We are even told that Peter said many other words that were not recorded here, and that he “kept on exhorting them” to be saved.

So we have twenty-six verses of a sermon plus “many other words” plus continual exhortations, but only ONE verse that makes known to us the precious word from God regarding what to do to be saved.

Wouldn’t you like to know what that one verse says?