Never Forget

#1 I must never forget that because of my sin, I deserve death.

But God has not killed me. In fact, he arranged for his son to pay my debt with his own life. I deserve to die, but here I am a free man walking around living life in the world God made, enjoying his blessings and his care.

#2 I must never forget the kind of death from which I have been rescued.

A continuing death, being separated from God and all that is good. Being sent to a place described with fire & outer darkness, where the “flesh eating” type of worm does not die and there is no relief from the flames. All I would have to keep me company would be my regrets for not doing what was right when I knew better.

#3 I must never forget that the church is not mine.

He has graciously made me a part of his church, but I have no right to “come in” and make changes that I believe will make me more comfortable. Who would I have to think I was as a wretched, saved sinner, to even suggest that Jesus’ church might be in need of “improvement”? And improvement based on my opinions? The audacity!

#4 I must never forget that worship is not for my entertainment.

How small minded would I have to become to think that what we offer by way of worship to the Almighty creator of the universe should be catered to fit my “likes”? How could I ever see myself as anything other than a slave, bowing before my creator who also became my savior, to show him honor? Yet, he has made me his son, putting his Holy Spirit in me. I have been bought by him at a price higher than I could imagine, so how could I then imagine that worship is for me?

#5 I must never forget to tell others of what Jesus has done for me.

Though it may seem like no one cares these days, you cared and so have I. There are others who would care and we should be looking for them.

The irony is that the more God blesses me, the more I may be tempted to forget the truths above as well as many others.

Stay vigilant! Stay grateful!