It's Vacation Time!

I’m going on vacation, to relieve my tired mind, I can’t wait to start forgetting, all the stuff I’ll leave behind.

My job with all its stress will be the first thing that will go, and maybe then those constant bills that to my mailbox flow.

I’ll forget about those people who always bring me strife, their caustic negativity is just a blight on life.

I’ll turn off tv, twitter & surely facebook too, and rediscover what freedom is, Woo Hoo, I say, Woo Hoo!

I’ll leave behind the yard work and the housework and the clutter, and all the little worries that tend to put me in the gutter.

I’ll travel with my family to a place so far away, that I’ll forget the reason for the stress of every day.

But one thing I won’t leave behind, one thing I’ll not forget, is homage to my Creator, who is my Savior yet.

Wherever leisure takes me, wherever I may roam, I will seek out God’s dear people, just like I do at home,

For a while on Sunday morning, when they meet to break the bread, I will find them and will join them so my soul too will be fed.

I will take my family with me, setting first priority, the God from whom all good things come, especially on holiday.

And if the saints cannot be found in our locality, I’ll lead my family’s worship, no matter where we be.

We’ll sing some songs, we know a few, or at least I know we should. We’ll have prayer and read the book and ponder God’s dear word.

We’ll devote ourselves to honor the one whose life was given, that we may enjoy the good in life, and in the end gain heaven.

A lot of things I’ll leave behind, when on this trip I go, but reverence for the Lord my God will not be one, because He loves me so.