"...And You Shall Call His Name, Jesus"
Marty Kessler | December 15th, 2023

As a babe he came and in a manger lay, to ease our burden and light our way. “Emmanuel”, he would be called, God with us in an animals’ stall.

“House of bread” was the name of the town, where Mary lay her baby down.
Apropos is the name indeed for with the bread of life this babe does feed, the souls of men who hunger and thirst for the righteousness we are led to seek first.

It is not just a story for a season to hear, but a truth that strikes deep to belay our fear, of facing God while steeped in sin, so we humble our pride and trust in him.

Our faith is the victory for a fight we can’t win, but now buried with Christ so to rise with him. He tasted death so we taste it too, created in him we are made new.

He died in my stead, my debts on his head now his glory he offers, since his blood filled the coffers. No wages of sin will I now have to pay since the Day Star has risen and shown me the way.

He suffered under a sign that read, “King of the Jews” as Pilate said. And yes, he’s now my king too, the divine price paid for me and for you. Six hours he hung, three days he lay, all to wash our sins away.

He counts our faith as righteousness, forgives with mercy and saves with grace. Our withered souls are wholly restored by the child who came, the one true Lord.

He spoke and the universe came to be, but my anchored hope is that he speak to me the wonder of his purifying love by which I am changed, made fit for above. For this earth is low and laid in disgrace, so brings he peace to our unworthy race.

And why this way? A fellow might ponder, of saving the world by his cross over yonder? Well, to show his love and the joy set before him, dying outside the gate Yom Kippur was all him.

He came just as the prophets said, and saved just as the gospels read. Now one more time for those his own, he will return to take us home. His blood has healed the darkened rift, thank God for his unspeakable gift!