How to Buy a Bible (I'm talkin hard copy here church)

If you don’t already have a Bible you really enjoy, why not begin the New Year with one that you do? A disciple of Jesus is a constant student of his word, and I am confident that you want to make your study as efficient and effective as possible.

What to look for:

· Get a Bible you enjoy seeing and handling. Color, texture, size & shape are all important to its appeal.

· The print must be easy for you to see clearly.

· Its paper should be sturdy enough to write on. If you can see the print on the back side of the page you are looking at, pass it up.

· You will need margins roomy enough for good note-taking.

· First and foremost, get a solid, reliable, conservative (in scholarship) translation like the ESV, NASB-95 or NKJV

What to avoid:

· A “Bible” that is actually a paraphrase rather than a translation.

Notes & commentary included on the pages as these can bias your understanding before you have read the word for yourself.

· A Bible that is too cumbersome, too hard to read or with too much print on each page.


· A good quality pen & writing pad for notes – your pen(s) should also be fine enough to make good notes in the margins of your Bible.

· A good quality set of colored markers & transparent 6” ruler should you decide to highlight different texts for personal use.

· A good concordance – Strong’s Exhaustive is a favorite of mine.

· A good quality cover or case in which to carry your Bible & materials protected from the elements & hazards of transport.

Be prepared to spend a little money. It will be the best investment you could ever make.