The Worst Thing You Can Do (Part 2 - Conclusion)

The worst thing you can do in the Lord’s church is to cause division.

Solomon made it clear 3,000 years ago that God specifically hates one who causes strife between brothers (Proverbs 6:16-19). Don’t be that guy! He’s the worst.

Jesus prayed for unity among his disciples (John’s gospel 17:20-23). Don’t fly in the face of his prayer. That’s the worst!

Imagine being thrown into the deepest part of the sea with a huge rock tied around your neck. Jesus said that would be better than falling into God’s hands having caused one of his little ones to stumble (Matthew’s gospel 18:6). God obviously reserves harsh judgments for those who hurt his people.

How do you divide brothers & sisters?

Þ Judge folks negatively & enlighten others to your… valuable judgments

Þ Share unfavorable opinions about brothers & sisters privately to avoid hurting their feelings… of course

Þ Help things… get better… by complaining about how things are being done now

Þ Don’t seek clarification, just assume the worst and be sure to mention your assumptions to others as facts

Þ Generously share with the ignorant any & every negative opinion you have

Þ Avoid praising those who fail to measure up… to your standards

Þ If you hear gossip, share gossip

Þ Do not cease to find fault… especially if finding fault is your gift