Wonderful Servant, or Horrible Master?  

Today’s technology is filled with marvels. A regular guy holds in his pocket a state-of-the-art camera, multiple means of media communication, advanced global satellite location capability, the means to buy and sell with the press of a finger, a whole plethora of ways to entertain himself and much more. Yes, technology has truly changed the world in many ways. But it has not changed everything.

There is no technological advancement that could replace a caring relationship with another human being. Loving your neighbor is not simply the second greatest commandment, it is the stuff of a worthwhile, meaningful life.

Character traits like honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience, and compassion remain steadfast mainstays of what matters, but these can only be practiced between human beings. The fruit of God’s Spirit has always been in season, but flashy technology is merely a "Johnny-come-lately" development (my apologies to all of you legitimate Johnnies).

Personal integrity is vital to your health, well-being and even your
security. Those who lack it, perhaps understand this best. Like David said 3,000 years ago, the fear of the Lord is clean (Psalm 19:9). That’s worth your time to think about. Even Rabbi Google will tell you that.

No scientific advancement even comes close to the value of truth. Jesus said the truth would make us free, but a bonus benefit is that it also makes us STRONG. Nothing you plug in can do that. Strength is a by-product of truth just as sure as is freedom. Don’t believe this? Just tell a lie and feel yourself grow weaker the longer you keep it.

Technology is a wonderful tool and can be a bodacious servant (yes, I said “bodacous”). As a matter of fact, technology was the means through which this message has come to you!

So I encourage you to make today’s marvels your servants, and beware that they do not become your masters.

Technology may be a trend, but it does not, and will never transcend.