What You Do For a Man’s Wife, You Do For Him.

If you met Jesus’ bride, what would you do for her?

He bought her with his life and put his Spirit within her. To do her good is to do Him good. Those that love Jesus love His bride.

Because of Jesus I count myself privileged to be in her presence, to serve her and protect her from those who would do her harm.

Unity is her preservation. Jesus prayed for her unity as He was going to the cross in her place (John’s gospel, 17:20-23). That cross was for her, but He stepped in to save her, and the last thing He told His father before doing that was that He wanted her to be one just as they were one. Her preservation is just that important.

Jesus’ guided His apostle to write that when the church comes together everything should be done for the purpose of building her up (1st Corinthians 14:1-5, 12, 17-19 & 26). Have you considered what you might do to encourage and build up the church when it assembles?

Always speak well of her to others, serve her and attend to her needs.

Honoring a man’s wife honors him. We cannot see Jesus, but we can see His bride. If God promised to bless those who were a blessing to Abraham’s offspring, what will He do for those who bless His son’s bride?