The Burden of Men

God expects men to lead:

  • Bible writers consistently refer to God as male
  • God sent his Son through whom he created the world
  • God fashioned the man first and the woman to help him
  • Though Eve ate first, sin is traced through Adam – Romans 5:12-14
  • All angels appear as male
  • God addressed the Patriarchs rather than the Matriarchs
  • Abraham was promised a son
  • The 12 tribes “of Israel” were named of their fathers
  • Lineage is traced through fathers
  • Wives were identified through their husbands (“the wife of…)
  • Circumcision was explicitly male
  • Israel was numbered by males – Numbers 1:1-3
  • Males were expected to go to war – Numbers 1
  • Only male priests prior to the Mosaic covenant – Melchizedek & Jethro
  • High priests were from among the sons of Aaron
  • Levitical priesthood & tabernacle service was exclusively male
  • Males were required to appear before God annually – Dt. 16:16
  • God provided male judges (with the exception of Deborah)
  • Nearly all prophets with few exceptions were male
  • Kings were chosen to rule Israel rather than Queens

Jesus kept the original plan from creation…

  • He chose all male apostles – even Matthias & Paul
  • Male leadership in the church – Shepherds, Deacons, Evangelists
  • Male leadership in the home – Ephesians 5 & 6, 1st Peter 3:1-7
  • Male authorship of all Biblical writings

God is saying a great deal about what he expects of men by what he has asked, and continues to ask of them since creation.  No wonder he instructs us to honor our fathers.  All men need our support in fulfilling their God-given roles.

The world is a mess, and the only way out is through Godly men who are strong enough to follow Jesus’ lead.  May their tribe increase.