Are You Happy?

Happiness is a state mind we can either choose or reject. Blessedness however, is a state of being conferred by God and is not dependent on how we feel.

To see the difference between being blessed and being happy, just consider the behavior of the Israelites in ancient times. They cried out to God (Exodus 2:23-3:9) and hearing their cries he freed them from slavery. What a blessing, right? Well…….

They complained about thirst & were given water – Exodus 15:22-25
They complained about hunger & got quail & manna – 16:1-21
Thirst again & got water from a rock – 17:1-7
Complained about adversity – Numbers 11:1
Complained out of their greed – 11:4
Complained about Moses’ wife – 12:1
Complained out of faithless fear – 14:1-3
Complained about Moses’ leadership – 16:1-3
Complained about God’s discipline – 16:41
Complained out of impatience – 21:4-5

They were constantly blessed, but never resolved to be satisfied (happy) with what God was providing all along the way.

Learn anything? Can we read about their whiny behavior and compare it to our own? I know I can.

Jesus began the sermon he preached on a mountain with “Blessed are those…..” and spoke of seven circumstances we have the power to choose for ourselves in which God blesses us (Matthew 5:3-12).

Regardless of these divine blessings, however, we, like Israel, must choose to be happy through them. So come on now….. count your blessings and choose happiness!