A Plan For Restoration - by Josiah (no last name)
Marty Kessler | March 11th, 2008

In 2nd Chronicles chapter 34 we read of a great restoration of following the ways of God. This restoration and spiritual revival was fearlessly implemented by young king Josiah over 2600 years ago when he was only twenty years old.

What did Josiah do to restore Israel, and how can we follow his lead today?

Josiah removed the things that were leading Israel away from God, vs. 1-7

•     And so should we rid our homes of sensual worldly influences such as certain movies, magazines, books, video games, television shows (That 70’s Show, Family Guy, Simpsons, 2 ½ Men, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Soaps, etc.). If it is something you wouldn’t want Jesus to see if He came into your home, get rid of it.

•     We need to cease worshiping the false gods of ‘tolerance’ and ‘openess’ that allow such things to have a place in ‘Christian’ homes.

Josiah removed the people who led Israel away from God, vs. 5

•     We need to abandon relationships that do not help us to be more like the Lord. Evil companions corrupt good morals, 1st Corinthians 15:33.

•     Who are you and/or your children talking to on line? Do they have private access to the internet, which gives others private access to your children? If so, why?

Josiah restored worship according to the word of God, vs. 8-13

•     We must commit ourselves to being regular and consistent in our worship, John 4:23. We cannot expect Him to bless us before we bow before Him.

Josiah made a personal commitment to do God’s will according to the book, vs. 18-31

•     We must get our heads and our hearts in the book, drinking in the pure milk of the word which will make us grow, 1st Peter 2:1-3.

Josiah compelled those within his authority to do the same, vs. 32-33

Lead your family in the way of the Lord. Parents! You make your children go to school and never let them play hooky. You are even more responsible to enforce their spiritual education (and even if you are a child, you can lead by your example of following the Lord!).

Marty Kessler