Reaching out to believers and nonbelievers by helping alleviate pain, stress and suffering due to disasters such as wind, hail, fire, flood, tornado, ice and snow damage. Letting our light shine to others so that others may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven.

We provide assistance to the community on an individual, local, regional and statewide level to aid in recovery from a disaster. We also provide help to other churches developing a Disaster Relief Ministry and assist in the recovery from disasters. If you find yourself or others in need of food, water, housing, grief counseling, debris clean up, tree removal, minor damage repair or for more information please contact our Disaster Relief Ministry Director Tom Fry at 405.390.8730.


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We are a nonprofit 501(a) under 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue.

Supplies Needed

Leaf rakes, shovels, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, dust masks, wheel barrows, utility trailers, cooking supplies/utensils, grocery store plastic bags, tin foil, plastic food wrap, chainsaws, gas cans, ice chests, 5-gallon water jugs, plastic cups, pole saws, hammers, 6x8 or larger heavy duty tarps, heavy duty nylon rope, 2-ton come along winch puller, cookers/smokers, large griddles, large size pots and pans, construction staplers, generators, pliers, wire cutters, foldable limb saws, heavy equipment (tractor with front end loader/box blade, skid steer, etc.), heavy duty dolly, garden carts, first aid kits, large storage totes, headlamps, money bag.

Ministry Updates

  • October/November 2020 - 359 hours in the community and 158 hours for COVID-19.
  • May 2020 - 92 hours in the community and 87.5 related to COVID-19 helping to keep the church open for services.
  • August 2019 - 51 hours of labor (tree and debris removal).