Pray for Our Campers
This week 39 students from our congregation are going to church camp and 5 adults to help as counselors and cooks.  Some of the students are members and some are friends/family of our members.  I'd like to encourage us all to be praying for our students by name as they are at church camp this week. Some suggested things to pray about are: they grow closer to... read all »
The Devil and Deception
The world, the government, the family, the church — all have a common foe, who quite consistently goes undetected.  As a result humanity and homes are hurting, society is suffering, while chaos and conflicts darken and dampen our days!  Unless we “wake up” to the deeds of the Devil, our dreams will consistently become nightmares!! The Devil and hi... read all »
It Didn't Happen Here
It didn’t happen here, the things I should recall It was long ago and far away, and my memory is small It happened in Lexington, Princeton too and a place called Cowen’s Ford But none of it happened here, in my present comfortable world  Afloat on great Lake Erie, it happened late one morning And later in old Mexico, it set the tide a t... read all »
An Open Letter to Our Church of Christ Graduating Seniors
Ladies and Gentlemen, CONGRATULATIONS on completing your childhood!  You are now ready to cross that threshold of adulthood called "Independence".  You now will be in charge of your life, right?  You will no longer have to be under someone else's thumb.  You will be free to make as many of your own decisions as you choose.  That's a good and y... read all »
First she carried us for 9 months insider her body where we kicked, pushed and stretched to make room for ourselves among all her organs.  She carried our weight and suffered the changes our existence made to her life and body and then endured the pain of birth to bring us into this world.Then began the years of middle of the night wake-ups, runny noses, gro... read all »
Things I Have Learned That Every High School Graduate Should Know
For success in life, God is your greatest ally and his people your best friends – Few things will benefit you as much as seeking out God and his people wherever life takes you.  Evil companions will corrupt good morals (1st Corinthians 15:33), while those who associate with the wise will become wise (Proverbs 13:20).  Hang with peo... read all »
Are You a Debtor?
Paul charged the brethren at Corinth to “imitate him” (1 Cor. 11:1-GK. Mimatai...ginesthe-imperative of ginomai), and he commanded the bretheren at Phillippi (relative to what they had learned, received, heard and saw in him), “these things do” (GK. Prassete, imperative of prasso).  Those verses seem to form a pattern that charges us to follow Paul’s pa... read all »
Respect His Name
I'm on a one-man crusade against the movie industry. Here's why. The rating system will give a movie an R rating for graphic violence, sex, or repeated use of the dreaded "F" word, but relegates the profaning of the Lord's name to a benign PG13 slot. It seems that blasphemy against God is less pervasive to a young viewer than common vulgarity or simulated sex. What's... read all »
Chaffs & Flares
Ever heard of the above?  Chaff is a “cloud” of foil strips or metal coated fibers ejected from an aircraft to help mask it from enemy radar.  Flares are just that, flares, hot and fiery and also designed to be ejected from an aircraft to decoy any possible heat-seeking missiles away from it. Like chaff & flares, there are many things in life ... read all »
Thoughts for Our Nation
I have just read the “Opinion” page of the Oklahoman (March 18, 2018, p.14A) and “Views” of several (p.15A), covering thoughts about: Teacher pay; projected strikes if demands are not met; deep concern about our leaders in the Federal Government, including pregnancy and abortion.  That reading projects a conglomerate of charges, chaos, conflicting concern... read all »