Communication is Key
We have all most likely heard the phrase, “Communication is Key.” It is usually connected to an intimate relationship like a marriage or a friendship. The phrase is also used in most job places. Now that I’m involved in ministry, I realize it applies to the Church as well. My wife and I used to think we were good communicators. We found out we were good “assu... read all »
Love One Another
I have been thinking lately about what our individual roles are in the Church. Are we working? I seem to have tunnel vision toward this subject of doing Kingdom works and just regular works that come with being involved in church. What is the need and how do we fulfill it? As I’ve been thinking about ways to get members involved, I’ve started to ask myself, “How... read all »
New Sunday Adult Classes Coming for the Summer
On Sunday, July 7th our new Summer education quarter for adult Bible classes begin.  On Wednesday nights we will have the third edition of “The Main Lesson in____” series with different speakers coming each week to summarize and explain what they believe is the main teaching of each book of the Bible.  We have a great line of speakers beginning with How... read all »
The Profound Impact of Fathers
The Profound Impact of Fathers                   “The supreme test of any civilization is whether or not it can teach men to be good fathers”                             ... read all »
Nation Impressed by Oklahoma Foot Washing
You won’t see that headline in any news broadcast or newspaper, but Oklahoma has the attention of our nation.  Tragedies normally bring out the best and/or the worst in people.  The recent storms again have shown one of God’s teachings and Oklahoman’s have dazzled the nation with it – “foot washing”! Commentators, reporters, networks continue am... read all »
Kingdom Tools
Have you ever used a socket wrench? It is a tool of varying lengths and sizes that holds a socket on its end according to your need. Wrenches are pretty standard, but there are many different kinds and styles of sockets because it is imperative to have the correct fit for the job at hand. If the socket is not the correct fit, the job will be much harder to accomplish.... read all »
What Would the Fallen Tell Us?
Bunker Hill, Fork McHenry, Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, the Argonne Forest, Normandy, Truk, Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir, Ia Drang, Fallujah, are just a few of the places where American servicemen have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  We remember those who’ve fallen this weekend.  That’s what Memorial Day is for. I am convinced, however, that if we... read all »
Senior Sunday
Today we honor our seniors who are graduating from high school as well as those from our congregation who are graduating from college.  These are men and women who have completed this great task and are now entering into a new phase of their life.  We all have these moments of transition in life.  Sometimes our transitions of life are big but other time... read all »
“Now the man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living”, Genesis 3:20 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you”, Exodus 20:12 “Every one of you shall reverence his mother and his father”, Leviticus 19:3 “Who is like the Lord our God…. He ma... read all »
What's in it for God?
Ever wonder why God wants us to obey Him?  What exactly does God receive from our faithfulness and obedience?  We say that we want to please God and do so by avoiding sin or making a sacrifice in our service to others but how does our improved morality or increased service advantage God?  He doesn’t need anything nor does our goodness add any advantag... read all »